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Air filter installation steps


1 Connect the filter housing to the filter system pipeline according to the correct workflow. Pay attention to the direction of the air inlet and outlet when connecting, ensuring that the filter element is inlet on the outside and outlet on the inside.
2 When a liquid load (e.g. fermentation tank) is connected after the air filter, the filter should be installed on a platform above the liquid level and a check valve with good performance should be installed at the outlet end to prevent backpressure in case of abnormal piping system or the liquid in the load reversing into the gas filter causing damage to the filter.
3 the debris in the pipeline must be blown out before installing the cartridge to avoid contamination of the cartridge
4 Open the plastic bag at the open end of the cartridge and check whether the O-ring is intact and in place.
5 The cartridge must be held gently to prevent damage to the filter medium; when installing the cartridge, the hand should be held at the O-ring interface of the cartridge, and the O-ring should be lubricated with silicone oil before the cartridge is inserted into the cartridge seat.
6 Hold the end of the cartridge near the O-ring in your hand and insert the cartridge socket vertically completely into the socket of the cartridge holder.
7 Remove the cartridge bag after inserting all the cartridges, the multi-cell filter needs to be fixed by snapping on the pressure plate, and then install the metal cover shell.