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Notes on the use of liquid filters


1 operation should prevent pressure shock and prohibit reverse pressurization.
2 when the pressure drop between the upper and lower reaches of the filter is ≥ 0.15 MPa or when there is a significant drop in flow, consideration should be given to replacing the cartridge
3 if the filter is temporarily out of service, do not dry the cartridge, but soak it in a suitable sterilising solution (or inject such a solution into the housing) and rinse the sterilising solution clean before re-use
4 If the filter is steam sterilised, the condensate in the steam line must first be drained. The steam pressure should not exceed 0.1 MPa and the pressure drop between the upper and lower parts of the filter should not exceed 0.015 MPa. If steam sterilization is applied to a wet filter element, the liquid absorbed by the element should be drained out with clean compressed air before steam is applied, otherwise the element will be damaged when steam is applied.