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Notes on the use of air filters

1 The gas entering the filter should be de-oiled and de-humidified gas with relative humidity below 70% in order to achieve the best filtering efficiency of the filter.
2 The inlet or outlet valve should be opened and closed slowly to prevent pressure shock during operation so that the airflow does not shock the filter medium; reverse pressurization is prohibited.
3 When the pressure drop between the upper and lower reaches of the filter is greater than 0.035MPa or the air flux drops significantly, it is recommended to replace the filter element.
4 GS-B1 general filter and GS-B2 pre-filter are generally prohibited to be disinfected by steam (can also be designed as disinfectable type); only the air fine filter should be disinfected.
5 The condensate in the steam line must be removed as far as possible before disinfection to prevent it from entering the fine filter.
6 Air fine filters should be slowly warmed up during steam disinfection, i.e. preheated for 2 to 3 minutes, then warmed up to the requirements of the disinfection process (the sterilisation temperature is generally not greater than 125°C, usually 121°C, and a time of 30 to 40 minutes is appropriate).
7 Air fine filters should be blown dry with compressed air when steam sterilisation is completed, first with a small air volume (i.e. slow cooling) and only after the temperature has dropped can they be blown dry with a large air volume, the blowing time should be more than 30 minutes.
8 Air fine filters need not (and should not) be disinfected per batch, but should be disinfected once every 2 to 3 months depending on the production situation.