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Liquid filter installation steps

1 Clean the filter housing thoroughly.
2 Connect the housing inlet and outlet pipes to the filtration system piping. Pay attention to the direction when connecting and ensure that the cartridge is inlet water (or feed liquid) on the outside and outlet water (or feed liquid) on the inside.
3 Open the plastic bag at the open end of the cartridge and check that the O-ring is intact and in place.
4 moisten the O-ring and the cartridge seat socket with a suitable wetting agent (e.g. water)
5 Hold the cartridge in the hand near the O-ring end and insert the cartridge socket vertically and completely into the cartridge holder socket.
6 After inserting all the cartridges, remove the cartridge bag and then fasten the pressure plate to fix it, spacing the pressure plate and the cartridge by 0.5 to 1.0 mm, and then install the metal housing.
7 Open the bleed valve at the top of the housing.
8 slightly open the inlet valve to allow the liquid to enter the housing until the liquid overflows from the bleeder valve at the top of the housing, at which point close the bleeder valve
9 slowly open the downstream outlet valve until it is fully open
10 Slowly open the inlet valve until it is fully open, at which point the pressure drop between the upper and lower reaches of the filter should be 0.02MPa (initial pressure drop at rated flow rate).